CAS课程是IBDP的核心课程之一,包括创造、运动和服务三类,分为日常活动和项目实践。旨在通过活动和实践,实现个人发展以及人与人之间的发展。CAS提供自我思考,与他人合作的机会,从而实现自我以获得成就感。同时,CAS也能平衡学习压力。IB 大纲上指明:一个好的CAS课程,应当既充满挑战也充满乐趣——是个人自我发现的一个美好旅程。

CAS is one of the core courses of IBDP, which includes three categories of creativity, movement and service, divided into daily activities and project practices. It aims to achieve personal development and interpersonal development through activities and practices.CAS provides opportunities for self-reflection, collaboration with others, and thus self-realization to achieve a sense of fulfillment. At the same time, CAS balances the pressures of learning, and the IB syllabus states that a good CAS program should be both challenging and fun – a wonderful journey of personal self-discovery.