AI 社

位育 AI社是一个C类的社团,活动内容包括制作工程装置,普及计算机基础知识,数据统计建模,光线追踪,虚幻引擎,学习基本的编程语言以及一些AI的基本结构等。在日常活动中,我们会更具社员的兴趣爱好来调整社团主要活动内容。AI社作为小型社团的活动氛围是很舒适的,我们正在慢慢地将理想化为实践,例如利用工程方面的知识来realize魔法世界里的韦斯莱钟。

AI Club is belong to “creativity” in CAS. Activities include building engineering devices, learning basic computer knowledge, statistical modeling, ray tracing, Unreal engine, learning basic programming languages, and some basic AI structures. In daily activities, we will adjust the club’s main activities according to the interests of members. The atmosphere of AI Club as a small club is very comfortable, and we are gradually transforming our ideals into practices, for example, realizing the Weasley Clock in the wizarding world with engineering knowledge.