Artgeek 艺术社

Artgeek顾名思义,Art代表了我们社团的主题–热爱艺术 Geek代表了我们社团的精神–一群热爱艺术的人聚集在一起。Artgeek的创立初衷是希望所有喜欢艺术的人能有个聚集的地方,做一些好玩的事。在Artgeek,人人都可以是艺术家,或许并不是每个人都有绘画的天分和基础,但艺术里最重要的实则是想象力。Artgeek给同学们在校内提供了一个平台,让同学得以挖掘、展现自己的艺术潜能,带给大家各种新奇的艺术活动,喷漆、流体画、滴胶,给大家意想不到的惊喜。

Artgeek As the name suggests, Art represents the theme of our club- art-Loving Geek represents the spirit of our society – a group of people who love art coming together. Artgeek was founded in the hope that anyone who loves art could have a place to gather and do something fun. In Artgeek, everyone can be an artist, perhaps not everyone has the talent and foundation of painting, but the most important thing in art is imagination. Artgeek provides a platform for students to explore and show their artistic potential in the school, and brings you a variety of novel art activities, such as spray painting, fluid painting, and glue dropping, to give you unexpected surprises.