Basketball Club 篮球社

篮球社的成立初衷是让同学们了解篮球,热爱篮球,领会篮球运动中的团队合作,拼搏的精神。在此基础上,我们会组织系统的训练,策办或组织参加校内外篮球比赛。比如:0.0篮球月,友谊赛等。篮球赛也取得了不错的成绩:上海市ucup前8强, “世外杯”三等奖,“南模杯”三等奖,agic3 徐汇区分区赛 前4强,Magic3闵行区分区赛亚军。日常训练中,我们也有专业的篮球教练进行指导,帮助我们超越自我,突破自我。欢迎有更多热爱篮球的同学加入我们!

We are Wei Yu Basketball Club. Our original intention of the club is to make every student understand basketball and get passionate about basketball.  We organize basketball training and matches activities, such as Basketball month and friendly matches on a semester basis. Over the past years, we did achieve greatly in the basketball match. Here are the awards we won: top 8 of UCUP in Shanghai, third prize of Shiwai Cup, third prize of Nanmo Cup, top 4 of Magic3 Xuhui District competition, second place of Magic3 Minhang District Competition. In daily training, we will invite professional basketball coaches to help our club members improve their capacities. We hope that more basketball lovers can join us in the new semester.