C3 WOTAGEI 荧光棒舞蹈社

WOTA艺是起源于日本应援文化的一种使用荧光棒进行的舞蹈艺术,而C3 WOTA艺社团的主旨是让社员们亲身体验、编排荧光棒舞蹈,充分挖掘社员的创造力,体会荧光棒舞蹈魅力的同时,也能感受多彩的文化。

C3 WOTA艺社团的日常活动主要围绕迎新晚会,Gala Night等编排荧光棒舞蹈。每次登台表演,我们都会选择不同类型的歌曲,经过每周的刻苦训练,向观众们呈现最精彩的表演。我们希望通过参加C3 WOTA艺的活动,同学们不仅能拥有登台表演、挑战自己的机会,也能发掘自己的创意,感受WOTA艺独特的魅力。

The WOTA-gei is a glow stick dance art originating from the Japanese aid culture. The purpose of the C3 WOTA-gei club is to let the members experience and choreograph the dance. While exploring their creativity and experiencing the charm of WOTA-gei also gain them a chance to experience multi-cultural.

 We can be seen at the Gala Night, New Year’s Party and so on. Every time we perform on stage, we choose ACG or more different types of songs, and have the rigorous weekly rehearsal and personal innovation choreography, in order to show the audience surprises. We hope that by participating in C3 WOTA-gei activities, students can not only perform and challenge themselves on stage but also explore their own creativity and feel the unique charm of WOTA-gei.