INTERSECTION 新疆部支教社成立于2018年是由一个CTB项目衍生而来的位育老牌Service社团。我们通过帮助新疆部同学学习英语来达成新疆部学生与国际部学生的双赢。社团的常规活动包括线下的一对一、一对多英语辅导与大型主题活动。在疫情期间,社团也推出了以小组为单位制作视频课程的活动。我们以阅读、听力、口语、写作、语法以及拓展内容为主题辅导新疆部同学们。同学们在社团中不仅可以与许多优秀的小伙伴共事,积累备课与讲课的能力、锻炼自己的沟通能力、思维能力、责任心,更等交到许多新疆部的小伙伴,了解新疆文化。我们的宗旨是在快乐中与新疆部的学生们共同学习、共同进步、爱上英语学习。

INTERSECTION Xinjiang Teaching Club was founded in 2018. It is a Service Club derived from a CTB program. We help students in Xinjiang Department to learn English, which is a win-win situation for both students in Xinjiang and students in the International Department. The regular activities of the club include offline one-to-one and one-to-many English tutoring and large-scale theme activities. During the epidemic, the club also launched the activity of creating video lessons in groups. We tutored Xinjiang students in reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar and extended content. In the club, students can not only work with many excellent partners, but also build up their ability to prepare and deliver lectures, practice their communication skills, thinking skills and sense of responsibility, but  also make friends with many students from the Xinjiang Department and learn about the culture of Xinjiang. Our aim is to learn together with the students of Xinjiang Department in a happy way, to make progress together, and to fall in love with English learning.

2022年秋季学期DP CAS金星奖、2021年秋季学期DP CAS水星奖