Life Recorder

Life Recorder社,是2023年新创立的综合性视频拍摄及记录的社团。以真实记录和展示个人及团体的经历和感受为内容。通过拍摄vlog以及短视频的形式,以故事性和情感性为核心,引发观众兴趣与共鸣,从而了解我校和我校学生校园生活。社团内部主要职位分为编辑组,导演,摄像组,参演人员,后期组以及社交媒体运营组。社团每周固定活动一次,主要围绕定期拍摄并发布位育学生的日常生活,也会在节日庆典以及学校特殊活动中起到记录宣传的作用。

Life Recorder is a new comprehensive video shooting and recording club created in 2023. The content is to record and present the experiences and feelings of individuals and groups in a real way. Through the form of vlogs and short videos, with the story and emotion as the core, arouse the interest and resonance of the audience, so as to understand the campus life of our school and our students. The main positions within the club are divided into editorial team, director, camera team, actors, post-production team and social media operation team. The club has a regular activity once a week, mainly around regularly photographing and publishing the daily life of the students, and also plays a role in recording and publicizing festivals and special school events.