Psychology Club 心理社

心理社是上海市民办位育中学的一个心理学社团,成员主要是对于心理学相关知识和活动感兴趣的人。通过参与社团活动和其他活动,成员可以更好地了解自己,并在日常活动中拥有乐观的心态,也能帮助社员决定是否将心理学作为大学的专业。此外,每周的例行会议将会为成员提供一个完全开放和友好的氛围,同学们会分享自己研究的心理学主题,相互交流,建立自己的价值观,说出自己的心声。The board给了每个学生和老师一个表达自己的机会,他们可以写下自己的担忧和愿望,也可以鼓励其他学生。同时,我们还组织了Mental Health Week的活动,帮助更多的学生缓解压力,了解心理健康的重要性。本学期我们也将开设“Psylight心理社”的公众号,在上面分享一些心理学的知识,帮助到社会上更多的人。

Psyight is a psychology club of Shanghai Weiyu International School with members interested in knowledge and activities related to psychology. Through participating in club meetings and other extended activities, members can better understand themselves and have a positive mental through daily life, helping them decide whether to take psychology as a major in college. Also, the weekly meeting will provide members with an open and friendly atmosphere to share their psychological knowledge, communicate with each other, build their values, and express their inner voices. The board gives every student and teacher a chance to express themselves, they can write their worries and wishes, and can also encourage other students. We also organize the project Mental Health Week, to help more students relieve stress and understand the importance of mental health. This semester, we will also set up an official account of “Psyight psycho club” to share some psychological knowledge and help more people in society.