Skids Club 滑板社


想要接触滑板,必须先对滑板的构造——轮子,板面,表面的砂纸和一些基础的技巧——如上板下板,滑行等要熟悉。以免在后期使用或者平常的练习中受伤。所以我们会不断的练习基本的滑板技巧,观看专业的教学视频,反复揣摩和晋级,直到成员们能够熟悉掌握基本技巧和保护自己的方法。以便于在后期学习更加具有挑战性的技巧(Ollie,kick flat等)时,还有在日常生活锻炼中可以游刃有余的发挥。

Skateboarding is a free extreme sport. Therefore, the purpose of skateboarding club is to hope that students can expand and innovate their skateboarding skills after mastering the basic rules of skateboarding. Help students expand their interests, strengthen their physical fitness, and experience the fun of skateboarding, allowing skateboarding to have infinite possibilities.

To get in touch with skateboards, one must first be familiar with the structure of the skateboard – wheels, board , sandpaper on the surface, and some basic skills – such as upper and lower boards, sliding, etc. To avoid injury during later use or regular practice. So we will continue to practice basic skateboarding skills, watch professional teaching videos, repeatedly ponder and advance, until members can become familiar with mastering basic skills and protecting themselves. In order to facilitate the learning of more challenging skills (Ollie, kick flat, etc.) in the later stage, as well as the ability to effortlessly exercise in daily life.