Sunny House 阳光之家

阳光之家成立于2005年,成立的目的是为了迎接2007年的特殊奥林匹克运动会,同时阳光之家也是上海位育中学成立的首批服务性社团之一,与华泾的阳光之家有着长期稳定的合作关系,旨在通过我们的陪伴帮助先天性智力残疾群体。虽然他们有智力缺陷并且免疫力低下,但他们非常淳朴纯真,对生活有着积极的态度。这个俱乐部为他们提供了展示绘画、书法和音乐等领域才华的机会。位育的同学们会通过与社团联动的方式陪伴他们 例如一起打乒乓 做手工。我们想改变的:即使残疾人具备许多其他可贵的品质,我们的第一反应或我们在ta身上找到最显眼的一个标签就是 “残疾人”。如果我们过于关注他们智力或其他的身体缺陷,就无法真正平等地和他们沟通,走进他们的内心。我们要做的是了解他们,帮助他们成长。我们的愿景:希望志愿者在阳光志愿者之家与俱乐部成员一起陪伴这群特殊的伙伴,度过愉快的时光!

Sunny House was established in 2005 to welcome the Special Olympics in 2007. At the same time, Sunshine House is also one of the first service associations established by Shanghai Weiyu Middle School. It has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Sunny House in Huajing, aiming to help the congenital intellectual disability group through our companionship. Although they have mental retardation and low immunity, they are very simple and have a positive attitude towards life. The club offers them the opportunity to showcase their talents in fields such as painting, calligraphy and music. Weiyu High School’s classmates will accompany them through association activities such as playing ping-pong and doing crafts together. What we want to change: Even though people with disabilities have many other valuable qualities, our first reaction or the most prominent label we find on them is “disabled.” If we focus too much on their intellectual or other physical defects, we can’t really communicate with them as equals and get into their hearts. What we have to do is get to know them and help them grow. Our vision: We hope that volunteers and club members can accompany this group of special partners and have a good time at Sunny House!