TEDxWeiyu是2018年成立的校园C类社团,目前该社团已成为上海民办位育中学唯一一个有TED官方认证的演讲社团。并且自成立以来,TEDxWeiyu已经组织了 “小作为,大改变”,“爱与责任”等多场校际演讲活动。该社团于2021年春季学期获水星奖。

TED(指technology, entertainment, design在英语中的缩写,即技术、娱乐、设计)是美国的一家私有非营利机构,该机构以它组织的TED大会著称,这个会议的宗旨是”传播一切值得传播的创意”。TED诞生于1984年,其发起人是理查德·索·乌曼。2001年起,克里斯·安德森接管TED,创立了种子基金会(The Sapling Foundation),并运营TED大会。

Tedxweiyu is a campus community belonging to the category of creativity and was established in 2018. At present, the community has become the only speech community officially certified by Ted in Shanghai Weiyu International School. Since its establishment, Tedxweiyu has organized many speech activities amongst schools such as ‘Small action, big change’, ‘Love and Responsibility’. The club had won the Mercury award in the second semester of 2021.

Ted (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a private non-profit organization in the United States. It is famous for its Ted conference. The purpose of this conference is to spread all ideas worthy of dissemination. Ted was born in 1984 and its founder was Richard. Since 2001, Chris Anderson has taken over Ted, founded ‘The Sapling Foundation’ and operated Ted conference.