我们的俱乐部致力于培养会员的健康身体,改善校园体育环境。我们协会成立已有三年了。在这些年里,我们会与国家或新界部举行一些友谊赛。在校外,我们经常代表卫宇与其他学校比赛,取得了不错的成绩。在俱乐部里,我们将练习我们的足球技巧,团队合作,足球知识,身体素质,耐力,等等。Our club is committed to fostering the physical fitness of its members and improving the sports environment on campus. Our association has been established for three years. During these years, we will hold some friendly matches with the State or the New Territories Department. Outside the school, we often represented Wei Yu in competitions with other schools and achieved good results. In the club, we will practice our football skills, teamwork, football knowledge, physical fitness, endurance, and so on.