Ultimate WeiYu 飞盘社

Ultimate WeiYu是一个关于极限飞盘的A类社团,在这里,大家一起积极训练,享受团队竞技的乐趣。社团的宗旨在于推广飞盘运动的核心飞盘精神,有助于同学们在礼貌、冷静和相互尊重的交流中体验飞盘运动。该社团于2021年春季学期获金星奖。

Ultimate Weiyu is an activity club of ultimate frisbee. Frisbee is more than welcome here. All of the club members train together and enjoy doing sports together. The reason for the establishment of the club is that they would like to spread the spirit of ultimate frisbee, which is the core of ultimate frisbee to allow members to improve their characteristics of politeness, sober brain, and respect in communications, to all students that are interested in ultimate frisbee. Moreover, Ultimate Weiyu provides a safe training environment with a friendly atmosphere for members. Communications between teammates are encouraged to enhance their friendship.