Weiyu Badminton Club 羽毛球社

羽毛球社的宗旨在于通过社团活动普及羽毛球运动,同时加强同学的身体素质,为紧凑的学习生活打下良好的体能基础。此外,为同学丰富校园生活也是羽毛球社团的主要目的之一。在上个学期的期末,羽毛球社团发起了以国际部同学为主体的”面包杯“羽毛球比赛,帮助同学在忙碌的考试中缓解压力。比赛面向了所有的国际部同学,他们也因此结识了更多的朋友,加强了社交和合作能力。本学期,羽毛球社团也将会尽力组织校内比赛,丰富同学们的校园生活。The purpose of the badminton club is to popularize badminton through club activities, while strengthening the physical fitness of students and laying a good physical foundation for a compact study life. In addition, enriching the campus life for students is also one of the main purposes of the badminton club. At the end of last semester, the badminton club launched a “Bread Cup” badminton competition with international students as the main body to help students relieve stress in the busy exam. The competition was open to all the International students, who also made more friends and strengthened their social and cooperative skills. This semester, the badminton club will also try its best to organize intramural competitions to enrich students’ campus life.