Weiyu Media

Weiyu Media是位育中学国际部唯一官方自媒体。由国际部学生自主运营。推文内容包括但不限于记录校园大型活动的台前幕后,优秀毕业生专访,节日特辑以及小众爱好栏目。Weiyu Media社团的目的是宣传民办位育中学高中部的公共形象,建立起校内和校外沟通的桥梁以及为校官方媒体平台的运营培养和引进新鲜血液。在Weiyu Media可以锻炼文章撰写能力,排版能力以及采访沟通能力。同时,由于文章撰写和布局排版需要用到秀米这一软件,在社团内可以学习到关于这一软件的使用手法。在Weiyu Media也需要动脑思考,需要想出好的选题,因此会促使社员去关注更多的事物,促进社员去动脑思考,去发挥想象,去培养逻辑思维。

Weiyu Media is the only official self media of Weiyu International High School. Operated independently by international students. The topics in Weiyu Media include but are not limited to recording large-scale campus events on stage and behind the scenes, interviews with outstanding graduates, holiday specials, and special hobby columns. The purpose of Weiyu Media Club is to promote the public image of the Weiyu International high school, establish a bridge for communication between inside and outside the school, also cultivate and introduce fresh blood for the operation of the school’s official media platform. At Weiyu Media, one can exercise their ability to write articles. Meanwhile, due to the need to use Xiumi software for article writing and layout, one can learn about the usage techniques of this software within the club. In Weiyu Media, it is also necessary to use one’s brain to think and come up with good topics, which will encourage members to pay attention to more things, promote members to use their brains to think, unleash their imagination, and cultivate logical thinking.

2021 金太阳奖 

2022 Spring 水星奖