Weiyu Store

Weiyu Store 社团积极参与学校大型活动中联动产品的设计,许多限定的周边,校级纪念品中都能看到Weiyu Store的身影,我们进一步推动了学校大型活动的开展,给本校同学们及来自外校的来访者带来具有纪念意义的产品,因此Weiyu Store团队在宣传位育文化与特色上也起到了推动作用。

Weiyu store团队禀承着位育精神,每一件“Weiyu store出品”都是一群心怀热枕的位育人宣传位育特色与文化的媒介,同时WeiyuStore 也是尊重学生个性化发展的平台,可以把你们的想法直接落地,所思所想即是现实。在申请过程当中,WeiyuStore更是一个可以被申请者完美驾驭的活动,参加社团过程中可以体现School spirit/多团队协作能力/沟通能力/艺术审美。

Weiyu Store与申请心理/商科/艺术/传媒……的小伙伴完美适配,可以在简历锦上添花

Weiyu Store是数学/物理/化学/环境……申请者在简历上让人眼前一亮的履历。

我们有多平台/多种形式的产出,可以作为evidence呈现在 admission officer 面前:WeiyuStore专属作品集/小红书平台/公众号平台。


Weiyu Store Association club actively participated in the design of linkage products in large-scale activities of the school. Many limited

quantity/instant topic items and school-level souvenirs can be seen in the Weiyu Store. We further promoted the development of large-scale activities of the school and brought memorable products to students and visitors from other schools. Therefore, the Weiyu Store team has also played a crucial role in the promotion of education culture and characteristics.

Weiyu store team inherits the spirit of education, each piece of “Weiyu store production” is a group of harbored enthusiasm for the promotion of education characteristics and cultural media, while WeiyuStore is also a platform to respect the personalized development of students: You can put your ideas directly to the ground and what you think is reality. In the application process, WeiyuStore is an activity that can be perfectly presented by the applicant, and the process of participating in the club can reflect the School spirit/multi-team cooperation ability/communication ability/artistic aesthetics.

Weiyu Store can be a perfect fit for Psychology/Business/Art/Media……applicants.When it comes to Math/Physics/Chemistry/environment…… applicants, Weiyu Store Club can be an impressive activity on resumes.

We have multi-platform/multi-form output, which can be presented as evidence in front of admission officer: WeiyuStore exclusive portfolio/Red book platform/WeChat issue platform

Therefore, the whimsies and outputs of each WeiyuStore’s member are like painting Van Gogh’s starry sky picture:Each stroke from you is the finishing touch of this painting.