WYJA(junior achievement)学生公司,作为民办位育的老牌社团,已有5年历史。在这里,我们通过讲解各个公司案例,让同学们了解在闲暇之余中了解不同商业策略,学习融资筹款、发售股票、召开股东会、竞选管理人、设计开发、组织生产和销售产品、财务管理、开展评估、清算公司等基本流程。通过学习和实践,学生可以学到商业运营的方式,还将了解市场经济体系的结构和它所带来的益处,同时学会承担责任、把握机会、团队合作,用项目式学习培养学生发现问题并解决问题的能力、创业创新的能力,激发学生自我效能,引导他们践行企业家精神,在全球经济中迎接挑战,获得成功。WYJA (junior achievement) student company, as a long-established private education club, has a history of 5 years. Here, by explaining the cases of various companies, students can understand different business strategies in their spare time, learn the basic processes of financing and fundraising, stock sales, holding shareholders’ meetings, running for managers, designing and developing, organizing the production and sales of products, financial management, conducting evaluation, and liquidating companies. Through learning and practice, students can learn the way of business operation, will also understand the structure of the market economy system and its benefits, and learn to take responsibility, seize opportunities, work as a team, and use project-based learning to cultivate students ability to find and solve problems, entrepreneurship and innovation, stimulate students’ self-efficacy, guide them to practice entrepreneurship, meet challenges and succeed in the global economy.