1. 活动主旨    

  “DRAMA NIGHT” 致力于支持和丰富学生的课外活动,为学生提供活动的平台,并且,将于外校戏剧社进行合作,提供学校社团之间交流的契机。同时,将通过戏剧展示的方式增强学生对戏剧的了解和激发学生对戏剧的兴趣。

2. 活动形式


1. Objectives

“Drama Night” is committed to supporting and enriching students’ extracurricular activities, providing students a platform for demonstration. Our club will cooperate with other drama clubs of foreign schools to provide opportunities for communication.  At the same time, it will enhance students’ understanding of drama and stimulate their interest in drama.

2. Form of activity

The Drama Night will be divided into two parts. The 1st part is four short plays and the 2nd is a 2 hours long drama performance. This short play performance will be performed by Dreamy Stage, and drama clubs from world foreign language school and Shangwai foreign language school. Teachers, students, guests and parents will be invited to participate.