“陪伴”是家庭日的主题。许多以学校为基础的 CAS 社区与学生会携手合作。通过这个项目,家长可以更多地了解孩子在学校的日常生活。同时,这也是学生从父母那里更多地了解不同工作的机会,这有助于他们未来选择专业的方向。学生应该成为一个更好的沟通者和富有同情心的IBer。原创和有趣的活动将在“家庭日”中计划。 我们认为,两人在“家庭日”中度过的时间是宝贵而难忘的,我们希望,这可以成为学生和他们的父母的桥梁,从现在开始坐在一起开始他们的对话。


Family Day is a project, which is initiated and organized by students and aims to develop the communication between students and their parents, and also the communication between parents and school.

“Companion” is the theme of Family Day. Many school-based CAS communities join hands with the student unions. Through this project, parents could learn more about their children’s daily life in school. Meanwhile, it’s also an opportunity for students to learn more about the different jobs from parents, which can help their orientation in choosing their majors in the future.

Students are expected to be better communicators and sympathetic IBer.

Original and interesting activities will be planned for “Family Day”.  We suppose, the time they both spent on “Family Day” is valuable and memorable and we hope, it could be a bridge for students and their parents, sitting together and starting their dialogues from now on.


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