2018 HEAL

1. 活动主旨




整场音乐会会融入众多环保元素,音乐会所有收入将建立“HEAL” Crowd-funding,主要致力于赞助与支持高中生环保项目的推进和环保事业的发展。

2. 活动形式



3. 合作学校:交大附中,七宝德怀特,尚德


1. Objective

Music is an indispensable part of life, can let people feel relaxed, especially students, music can increase the efficiency of learning based on a study.

Our school has many music communities and outstanding students with talents, such as Chinese traditional bands, electronic music clubs, WOTAGEI, and semi soul, etc. They can bring us an amazing performance, and complete self-breakthrough through daily training.

We hope to organize a concert jointly with the four schools to let students experience beautiful music. By participation, we can have fun with the busy study and campus life. It is also a good platform for students to demonstrate.

Many environmental protection elements will be integrated into the whole concert. The “HEAL” crowdfunding will be established for all revenues of the concert, which is mainly committed to sponsoring and supporting the promotion of environmental protection projects and the development of environmental protection undertakings for high school students.

2. Forms of Activities

There are musical instruments playing, singing, band Performance, ensemble, and other mixed performance. The host will be the students from Weiyu International School. We also invite teachers from different schools, guest performers and parents to attend this concert.

SMC provides environmental protection products at the registration area: environmental protection bags and environmental protection cups etc.

3. Partner Schools: Jiaoda Attached Highschool, Shanghai Qibao Dehuaite Senior High School, Shangde

   Sponsor: Sanli Xuchengda Studio