2019 HEAL

1. 活动主旨

2019年,我们将继续举办第二届HEAL艺术展,在继承原先的环保主题外,将引入命题,主题创作的形式,旨在给同学们提供一个拓展思维,激发创作灵感,展现自己艺术特长和想法的平台。本次艺术展将以“ O2 ”为主题,面向位育高中部,初中部,国际部同学征集作品。在参赛的同时,希望给学生们创造一个更好的艺术环境,在学习之余,通过艺术创作、欣赏艺术放松自己。同时,拍卖会也会结合HEAL艺术展,以生动有趣的形式调动大家对于环保的热情,并以独特的形式呈现大家对于环保的理解与实际行动。

“HEAL”艺术展包含环保元素主题(本年度为“O2 氧气”),艺术展收入所得将全部用于建立“HEAL”众筹。HEAL众筹全部由学生社团WYJA管理,其主要致力于赞助与支持学生环保项目的推进和环保事业的发展。

2. 活动形式

本届艺术展为主题艺术展,前期将围绕“O2 氧气”开放性命题征集作品,作品表现形式不限。推荐作品形式包括素描,速写,漫画,插画,油画,丙烯,水墨,硬笔书法,软笔书法,摄影,手工艺术品,雕塑,服装设计等。


1. Objective

In 2019, we will continue to hold the 2nd HEAL art exhibition. In addition to inheriting the original environmental protection theme, we will try a new theme creation, that aims to provide students with a platform to expand their thinking, stimulate their creative inspiration and show their artistic expertise and ideas. The art exhibition of this year will take “O2” as the theme and collect works for students from different grades and schools. At the same time, I hope to create a better art environment for students and relax through artistic creation and appreciation. Meanwhile, the auction will also be combined with the art exhibition to arouse people’s enthusiasm for environmental protection in a vivid and interesting way and present their understanding and practical actions for environmental protection in a unique form.

“HEAL” art exhibition contains the theme of environmental elements (this year is “O2 oxygen”). All the income from the exhibition will be used to establish “HEAL” crowd-funding, which is managed by the student communities WYJA. We hope to sponsor and support the promotion of students’ environmental protection projects and the development of environmental protection undertakings.

2. Form of activities

The exhibition focuses on the theme of art exhibitions. In the early stage, works will be collected around the open proposition of “oxygen”. The forms of expression are unlimited. The recommended works include sketch, sketch, cartoon, illustration, oil painting, acrylic, ink, hard pen calligraphy, soft pen calligraphy, photography, handicrafts, sculpture, fashion design, etc.

The works are from teachers and students from our school and partner school. Some works will be auctioned at the HEAL concert. We will invite students, parents, and guests from the fields of art and environmental protection to participate in our exhibitions, charity sales, and auctions.