Enchase Club 菠萝印章社

Enchase Club 是C类社团,主要从事雕刻和其他手工艺品的制作。 “Enchase”有制作珠宝的意思,既是俱乐部的主要活动内容,也是希望我们的社团能够做得更好。 菠萝印社是一个有创意的社团,每次活动,社员们都会设计自己的线条图,结合自己感兴趣的领域绘制而成,通过雕刻制作出独特的手工印章。 通过日常的练习制作,社团们可以培养高度专注力,并在创作中获得成就。 日常我们会组织社团们一起学习雕刻的基础知识,尝试共同制作作品。菠萝印社在2021年秋季学期获“新星社团奖”。

Enchase Club is a student-established artistic group that does mainly carvings and other crafting. “Enchase” has the meaning of crafting jewelry, this is by means of both what the club iThe Enchase Club is a category C club in CAS that specializes in carvings and handicrafts. “Enchase” means to make jewelry, which is both the main activity of the club and the hope that our community can do better. Pineapple Printing Is a creative society where at each event, members design their own line drawings, draw in combination with their own areas of interest, and create unique handmade seals through carving. Through daily practices, the club can develop a high degree of concentration and achieve success in creation. On daily basis, clubs are encouraged to learn the basics of carving and create works together. Pineapple Printing Society received the Rising Star Society Award in the fall semester of 2021.


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