Han Gok Club 韩语社



Through the passion for multilingual learning, the Korean Language Club is committed to actively working to enable students to master Korean, another language besides Chinese and English. By learning Korean, we not only gain a new language skill that enables us to communicate more fluently with people around the world, but it also gives us a new perspective on observing the world and understanding transnational events.

The Korean Language Club is not only an opportunity to learn Korean, but also a access to a deeper understanding of Korean culture. When we are able to examine current social phenomena occurring in South Korea in the context of Korean culture and history, we can understand these events more diversely. By understanding South Korea’s so-called “local traditional culture” and combining it with what we know about Chinese traditional culture, we can view the controversy more comprehensively and gain a deeper understanding. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to view intercultural communication and the diversity of the world more rationally and comprehensively.


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